• SOUP
  • Crispy
  • Grilled/Steam/ Dip
  • Hand Wrap
  • Sample Platers


Fried Tofu

Vegetarian Egg Rolls

Lumpia(Chicken Baby Egg Rolls)

Chicken & vegetable dumplings
served with sweet soy sauce

Spice Crab Rangoon

Thai Angel Wings
Chicken wing stuffed with chicken,
cabbage & cellophane noodles coated with
batter and deep fried

Indian Potato Samosa
with Mint Chatni

Coconut Shrimp
Fried shrimp tossed in flour & coconut

Shrimp Roll
Fried Shrimp wrapped in rice paper& served
with special sauce







Thai Curry Fish Cake
Fried fish cake curry blended with chili 

Shrimp Cake

Indian Fried Calamari
Fried calamari with Indian masala

Japanese Tempuras
Shrimp, sweet potato, carrot,
onions, bell pepper & Green bean

Salmon in Blanket
Smoke salmon, scallion & cream cheese w/
pineapple sauce

Crispy Soft Shell Crab
Soft shell crab marinated &

Stuffed Avocado
Fried avocado stuffed with spicy tuna,
onion & masago


Satay (Choice of chicken, or tofu) (2 pieces)
marinated in Thai curry served with peanut sauce & cucumber salad

Pork Khushiyaki (Japanese Kabob) (2 pieces)
marinated with special soy sauce based

Vietnamese Aroma Beef
Marinated grilled beef sausage wrapped in Hawaiian leaves

Thai Grilled Shrimp or Calamari
Marinated in olive oil & garlic served with Thai chili sauce

Chef Baby Ribs (Original or Spicy)
Grilled marinated baby back ribs in sake sauce

Seared Scallop with Mango Salsa
Grilled marinated scallops served over a mango & salsa

Seared Ahi Tuna (Anna' favorite)
Herb marinated tuna, avocado, tomato & chili sauce

White Ceviche
Hamachi, Tai, and Suzuki, in lime dressing, avocado, tomato, cilantro & Lime


Vegetarian Dumpling

Coconut Cream Dip
Ground chicken simmered in coconut sauce served w/ rice cracker

Dim Sum stuffed w/mushrooms, pork, chicken, & shrimp

Edamame Choice of Regular or Spicy

Roti Canai Choice of Chicken or Soft tofu
Authentic yellow curry with pan fried Roti

Peking Duck Bunn
Filled w/ roasted duck, pickles & green onions



Bangkok Roll
Soft fresh Thai rolls filled with cucumber, tofu, bean sprouts, & egg, topped with apricot sauce

Saigon Roll
Soft rice paper filled with steam shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro, mint, green onion & rice noodles

Lettuce Wrap
Ground chicken marinated in peanut sauce, & crispy noodles




Anna's Love
Mango Seared Scallop, Coconut Cream Dip, and Samosa

Vegetable Lover
Samosa, Tofu Roti Canai, and Grilled Tofu Satay

Meat Lover
Sake Baby Ribs, Chicken Roti Canai, and Thai Angel Wings

Seafood Lover
Salmon in Blanket, Seared Ahi Tuna, and Thai Grilled Shrimp



* Choice of Chicken, Shrimp, tofu or Vegetables

Miso (Spicy or Not)

Vegetable Soup*

Mama Ginger Soup*

Tom Yum (Thai Hot & Sour Soup)*

Tom Kha (Thai Coconut Soup)*

Wonton Soup
Ground chicken & shrimp wonton, and mixed vegetables

KimChi Soup
Choice of Beef or Soft Tofu, served with white rice

The Volcano Soup
seafood, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, lemon grass,
cilantro, galangal, roasted chili pasted & coconut milk




House Salad (v)
House ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad

Spicy Baby Octopus
Cucumber & spinach top with lime juice & spicy mayo

Papaya Salad (v)
Green papaya, green beans, carrot, tomatoes, peanuts mixed with shrimp

Apple Salad (Add $4 for Fried Tempura tilapia)
thin slice apple, peanuts, red onions, chili peppers & lime dressing

Nam Sod (Ground Chicken & Ginger Salad)
Ground chicken, onions, roasted peanuts, ginger & hot peppers

Laotian Namtok Choice of  Ground Chicken, Fried tofu
Or Grilled Beef
tossed with red onions, cilantro, scallions, mints & roasted rice

Seafood Salad
Tossed shrimp, squid, scallops, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cilantro, lemon
grass, bell peppers & lime dressing

  • Maki
  • Plater


Amaebi-Sweet Shrimp
(with Fried Head)
Ebi-Cooked Shrimp
Hotategai-Sea Scallop
Ikura-Salmon roe
Kani-Cooked king crab
Maguro-Red Tuna
Suke Sake-Smoked Salmon 
Sake-Fresh Salmon
Super White Tuna-Escolar
Suzuki-Sea bass
Tai-Red Snapper
Tamago-Sweet Omelet
Tobiko-Flying Fish Roe
Unagi-Fresh Water Eel
White tuna-Albacore


Vegetarian Maki
Choose One;
Avocado, Cucumber, Kampyo, Oshinko,
or Shitake

Avocado, shitake, cucumber, oshinko
and kampyo

Sweet Potato Tempura
With scallion, masago, cream cheese, tempura crumb, wasabi  mayo, & unagi

Kani kama, cucumber, avocado, & masago

Kani kama, masago, spicy mayo, scallion
& tobiko

Black Maki
Outside Seaweed  & Choose One;
Ebi, Hamachi, Sake, Super White, White
Tuna, Tuna or Unagi
Add $1 For Kani

Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese
& scallion

Ebi (shrimp), cucumber, avocado, &
masago with spicy mayo

Rising Sun
Yellow tail, avocado, cilantro, red sauce, and lime juice

King crab, salmon, cream cheese, &


Green Cucumber Maki   
Inside: Cucumber & Choose One;
Ebi, Hamachi, Sake, Super White,
White Tuna, Tuna or Unagi

Green Avocado Maki 
 Inside: Avocado & Choose One;
Ebi, Hamachi, Sake, Super White, White
Tuna, Tuna or Unagi

Spicy Maki
Choose One;
Ebi, Hamachi, Sake, Tuna, White Tuna
or Tako
Add $1 For Scallop, or Super White  

Trio Spice
(Spicy Tuna, Salmon, and Hamachi)

Crunchy Spicy
Choose one; Ebi, Hamachi, Sake, Tuna, or White Tuna
Add $1 scallop, Super White, or Tako (octopus)                            
With avocado, cucumber, topped with tempura crumb

Super White Creamy(6 Pieces)
Choice of Spicy or Regular super white tuna, avocado, mayo, & masago

Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura
With avocado, cucumber, mayo, scallion, unagi sauce, & masago

Spider Maki
Soft shell crab tempura, avocado,
cucumber, mayo, scallion, tobiko & unagi




Unagi & cucumber topped with avocado & unagi sauce

Full Moon
Spicy salmon, & tempura crumb, topped with spicy tuna

Red dragon
Spicy tuna, cream cheese, scallion & tempura crumb, topped with unagi & avocado

Kani kama, cucumber, & tobiko, topped with three different types of fresh fish

Crunchy Maguro
Fried spicy tuna roll battered in egg whites, tempura crumbs & topped with spicy mayo and green onions

Shrimp tempura, kampyo, mayo, & tobiko, topped with unagi & avocado

White Dragon
Shrimp tempura, oshinko, scallion, & spicy mayo topped with white tuna & tobiko

Ebi, Tako, Ika, masago, scallion, spicy sauce, lime juice, jalapeno, tobiko, & cilantrosauce



This fusion dish is uniquely 'fire' cooked with a tantalizing spicy sauce, contains Ebi, Mussel, Kani Kama & Scallops served with a spoonful of sushi rice & a touch of lime.

shrimp Tempura, spicy mayo, masago, scallion, mango & avocado topped with maguro, mango, mango sauce &  wasabi mayo

Sun Set
scallop, ebi , avocado, scallion, masago, spicy mayo, & spicy

Pink Passion
healthy! White Tuna, super white tuna rolled with mamenori(soybean paper) spicy mayo, scallion, top with tempura crumb

Ocean Drive
shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon, tuna, & unagi. Topped with spicy mayo & unagi sauce

The Samurai
tuna, hamachi topped with seared spicy salmon, wasabi mayo, unagi sauce, tempura crumb and tobiko

shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, spicy sauce, scallion, tobiko, spicy mayo, & unagi sauce, with King Crab on top

King Crab meat, cilantro, mango and jalapeno wrapped with white tuna and toping with black tobiko and citrus sauce and lime juice.



Unagi Don
Bake Cook Eel on rice top with unagi sauce

Spicy Don
Choice of Spicy Tuna, or Spicy Hamachi

Sushi Dinner (Nigiri Style)
Hamachi, Ebi, Hirame, Unagi, Tamago Salmon, ,Super White,
White tuna, & Tuna

Sashimi Dinner
Chef's choices 12 pieces fresh fish Sashimi

Chirashi Don
8 pc. chef's choice fresh sashimi on rice



  • Signatures
  • Over Rice /Fried Rice
  • Noodles
  • Curry
  • Stir-Fried

Substituted with Brown Rice, or Roti Add $1
with Noodles Add $2

Laotian Curry Noodle
Rice noodles w/ shredded chicken simmered in red curry

Grilled Eggplant (Chicken or Tofu / Add $3 For Shrimp)
Grilled eggplant, basil, bell peppers hot peppers & onions

Chef Roasted Duck
Honey roasted chef duck served over fragrant rice w/ garlic,
peapods, carrots and chestnuts

Tantalize Fish (Grilled Salmon or Fried Tilapia)
Topped with Chef special sauce

Fish Delight ( Salmon or Tilapia)
Steamed w/ onions, ginger in sesame & soy sauce


Substituted with Brown Rice, or Roti Add $1
with Noodles Add $2

Malaysian Curry Rice with Satay
Malaysian style curry rice served with choice of grilled chicken or Tofu
satay, peanut sauce & cucumber salad

BiBimBop Vegetables or Bolgoki(Beef)
fried egg, bean sprout, carrot and white kimchee on top of rice
served with spicy sauce

BBQ Dish
Choice of Beef or Pork. Add $3 For Shrimp
served with cucumber, and white Kimchi

Grilled Spicy Chicken or Pork with Lime
marinated in chili paste, lime, basil & onion

Teriyaki chicken or add $4 for salmon
in special teriyaki sauce served over mixed vegetables & rice

FRIED RICE *Choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. Beef or Pork Add $1
BBQ Duck, Shrimp, or Squid Add $3
Scallop, Salmon or Tilapia Add $4

Substituted with Brown Rice, or Roti Add $1
with Noodles Add $2

Thai Style


Pineapple & Cashew

Spicy Basil

Indian Curry




Fried Crispy wide rice noodles topped with choice of sauce
*Choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. Beef or Pork Add $1
BBQ Duck, Shrimp, or Squid Add $3
Scallop, Salmon or Tilapia Add $4

Empire Lardnar
Mixed vegetable, onions in bean sauce

Thai Basil Lardnar
Basil sauce, basil, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, onions, & tomato

Curry Lardnar
Ground beef, onions, tomato, and lettuce, in Indian curry sauce.


Pad See Ew
Width rice noodle w/ egg, carrots, & broccoli, in sweet soy sauce.

Drunken Noodles
Width rice noodles, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, bean sprouts, hot peppers, peapods and basil

Drunken Angel
Angel hairs, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, hot peppers, peapods and basil in basil sauce.

Pad Thai
A very popular Thai rice noodle dish served with fresh ground peanuts

Pad Laos
Rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, scallions, ginger & onions in bean pasted sauce

Filipino Pansit Noodles
Clear glass (cellophane) noodles with eggs & vegetables in light soy sauce

Singapore Noodles
Skinny noodle with mixed vegetables, and curry

Yaya's Noodles (Spinach Noodles)
Spinach noodles with napa, cabbage, garlic, onions, carrots, egg, & bean sprouts

Hanoi Noodles
Choice of Grilled Beef, or Pork

Or Add $2 For Shrimp or Aroma Beef
Thin rice vermicelli noodles w/carrot, lettuce, and bean sprout served
with sweet sauce

Pho (Beef Noodle Soup)
Rice noodle with beef broth top with sliced eye of round steak

Yakibuta Ramen (Japanese Noodles Soup)
Ramen, roasted pork in soy pasted soup w/ seaweed and onion.


*Choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. Beef or Pork Add $1
BBQ Duck, Shrimp, or Squid Add $3
Scallop, Salmon or Tilapia Add $4

Substituted with Brown Rice, or Roti Add $1
with Noodles Add $2

Indonisian Curry Mee (Curry Noodles)
Choice of Chicken or Tofu
Steamed egg noodles,bean sprout, scallions in house curry paste based soup.

Yellow Curry (Karee)
Potatoes & onions simmered in yellow curry & coconut milk

Panang Curry
Bell peppers, and basil simmered in peanut coconut curry

Green Or Red Curry
Eggplant, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, & basil simmered in fragrant
green or Red curry

Massaman /
Potatoes, peanut, onion simmered in massaman & coconut curry

Duck Curry
BBQ Duck, tomato, bell pepper and Thai red curry w/ coconut milk

Indian Butter Chicken Curry
Marinated chicken topped with Indian curry butter yogurt sauce



*Choice of chicken, tofu or vegetables. Beef or Pork Add $1
BBQ Duck, Shrimp, or Squid Add $3
Scallop, Salmon or Tilapia Add $4

Substituted with Brown Rice, or Roti Add $1
with Noodles Add $2

Asian Spice Fire Dish*
bamboo shoots, onions, basil, bell peppers, mushrooms, Thai chili,
cilantro root, & pepper

Basil Dish*
Basil, onions, bell peppers, hot peppers, & mushrooms

Cashew Dish*
Cashews, bell peppers, broccoli, peapods, & pineapples

Ginger Dish*
Ginger, onions, bell peppers,  mushrooms, and hot peppers with
ginger brown sauce

Assorted Vegetables*
Stir fried mixed vegetable, with garlic brown sauce.

Roasted Sweet Chili *
Sweet chili sauce, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, peapods, & chestnuts

Thai Sweet & Sour*
Slice of meat, cucumber, onions, carrot, bell pepper & pine apple

Korean Chicken Wings
Fried crispy chicken wings mixed in sweet & spicy sauce

Pad Prix King *
Stir-fried green beans, lime leaves, & Thai red curry sauce

Mango Chicken
fried chicken battered with onions in mango sauce

Rama Broccoli* grilled chicken or fried tofu
over steamed broccoli, & carrots served w/ peanut sauce

Mongolian Chicken or Steak*
Stir fried slice steak or chicken marinated with onion, scallions, bell
pepper & mushroom in wine sauce on top of crispy noodles

Pepper Chicken or Steak*
stir fired thin sliced eye round with bell pepper, onions, tomato &

Bangkok Chicken or Tofu
stir fried chicken battered or fried crispy tofu with carrot, onions,
broccoli, dry chili pepper, & cashew nuts

Carrot, baby corn cilantro & onions in garlic sauce

Garlic Ginger Scallop
Ginger, onions, peapod & carrot


** all prices subject to change